Massage Type:

Deep Tissue
Lomi Lomi

Post Code:

HA, NW, N, E, SE, SW, W, WC, EC, IG, CR

Q: How long have you been a massage therapist?
Just completed my first year. It’s been fun.

Q: Music, conversation, or silence?
Soft music, always. And a nice chat.

Q: What’s the longest massage you’ve ever given?
A: 4 hours. My fingers were so dead I could hardly use my phone afterwards.

Q:Your client falls asleep under your incredible touch. What do you do?
A: I just leave him to sleep and keep massaging gently. It’s the best kind of sleep.

Q: Describe what would be your best massage experience?
A: I had this hilarious client who sang to me in various languages throughout the booking.

Q: And your worst?
A: Possibly the most ticklish human being on the planet. It was a real challenge.

Q: Favourite drink?
A: Vodka and Cognac. Not mixed together.

Q: Favourite TV series?
A: Too many to mention. I need to edit my Netflix watch list.

Q: If you weren’t a massage therapist, you would be a…?
A: A beauty therapist in a luxurious spa. Or a bartender.

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