Massage Type:

Lomi Lomi
Deep Tissue

Post Code:

HA, NW, EN, N, E, SE, SW, W, EC

Q: How long have you been a massage therapist?
Four years.

Q: Music, conversation, or silence?
An inspiring playlist. With interesting conversation, or just silence.

Q: What’s the longest massage you’ve ever given?
A: 6 hours. With a fifteen minute break for a snack and a drink.

Q:Your client falls asleep under your incredible touch. What do you do?
A: I don’t stop. A blissful sleep is a rare thing. Clients need to enjoy it.

Q: Describe what would be your best massage experience?
A: In a beautiful hotel room or home, a fun, interesting client who wants a soft massage for two hours and has great taste in music.

Q: And your worst?
A: Someone who wants two hours of deep tissue in total silence.

Q: Favourite drink?
A: Rosé wine, vodka and tequila. Not at the same time.

Q: Favourite TV series?
A: Drama. Which isn’t a reflection of my personal life.

Q: If you weren’t a massage therapist, you would be a…?
A: Flight attendant. In the first class cabin. On an airline that flies to the Maldives.

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